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Do you have a problem or issue that needs ongoing support? Over the past 9 years, I have helped hundreds of clients from all over the world. What I have found is that while there are some challenges that can be addressed and overcome quickly, there are other challenges that need ongoing support in order to continually grow and rise to a higher level of spiritual growth. Many of these issues are common among large groups of people, regardless of age, sex, income or location.

I designed the Daily Energetic Support Program as a cost effective way to help people in areas like self esteem, stress, abundance, etc. These are all issues that can always be improved upon. Is it worth $2 a day to receive a daily stream of energy directed to helping you improve in these areas? How important is it for you to realize more of your full potential?

“I just wanted to write and say a HUGE Thank You for all the healing work you have been doing for me. Since I joined your Daily Energetic Support Program early in 2007, I began noticing subtle changes occurring in my life. Things that have been off kilter and not in a good way for years, strangely began to 'right' themselves. I have no other way of expressing it but that is what began happening, fairly slowly but steadily and noticeably. I'll definitely be staying with the program for as long as is needed. Thanks again Bill for consistently being there, for always being quick to respond and for your patience, understanding and above all, for helping me to make some very necessary changes in my life.”  (Derek S, London)


Daily Energetic Support Program Prices (My Most Popular and Cost Effective Spiritual Healing Program)

* $77 a Month for Individuals
* $107 a Month for Two People
* $10 for Pets



What YOU Get from Participating in the Daily Energetic Support Program:

All of these transmissions are calibrated to each individual, aligned with the highest good and all concerned in ways that support and honor the spiritual evolution of each being with the divine ideal integration in the divine ideal way and manner with ease and grace.


Bill, thank you very much for the free gifts for this month, and for all other gifts and energetic support for all the past months.  I have not been able to write to thank you each time, but I am always very grateful for your help.  I went through another difficult phase with the new project.  Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line to express my appreciation for DESP.  All the best, Miyoko


Ordering Information

The cost to participate in this program is $77 for individuals per month; $107 per month for two people (couples, partners, friends, siblings, parent/child); $147 per month for families; and $10 per month per pet.  You can use either PayPal or your credit card to make the purchase. The participation is set up as a recurring fee that can be cancelled at any time just return to this page and click on the "Cancel Subscription" button.

I will need to know the name and location of each participant in the program so that I can tune into his or her energy fields.  For children under twelve years old and pets of any age, I do not require permission to work on them but for all people over twelve years old and over I do need permission to work on them before they can participate in the program.  Click here to email me with this information as soon as you place the order.

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To order the Daily Energetic Support Program for Pets click here ($10 per month for each pet; recurring payment; can be cancelled at any time):



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