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There are three possible ways for people, events and activities to impact you energetically: Positive, Neutral and Negative. If hanging out with person, or participating in an event or doing something raises your vibration and energy level and makes you feel good well that person and/or activity has a positive energetic impact on you.

If your vibration and energy level stays on even keel when you are with certain people or doing things, then that person, event or activity has a neutral energetic impact on you. The people, events and activities that lower your vibration or energy level or make you feel bad - well those people, events and activities have a negative energetic impact on you.

Masters try to spend as much time as possible hanging out with people and doing things that have an positive energetic impact on their energy and vibration.
About Bill Austin:

Bill Austin is a spiritual healer, teacher, artist and visionary living in St Petersburg, FL in the United States. Bill is the founder of several healing modalities and the creator of the Money Healing Program. For more information about Bill, check out some of his web sites:

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IMT-Empowered Affirmation for the Day (Affirmation Enhancer Tool):

"I am aware and conscious of my personal energy level and how I feel at all times. As soon as my energy level goes down or I begin to feel bad, I check in with my soul to see what is going on with me. Each day I experience more joy, happiness, love and bliss!"


I created 44 weekly articles for:

  • What is spiritual healing and how can it help me?

  • The CAB Approach to Spiritual Growth (Commitment - Attitude - Balance)

  • How nicely do you play with others?

  • Playing Nicely with Others – Things Your Mother Never Taught You

  • Loving Yourself – The Key Ingredient to Creating Successful Relationships

  • Honor Your Time and Energy

  • Hug a Tree and Other Fun Ways to Stay Grounded, Balanced and Integrated

  • Come Down from the Clouds: The Importance of Being Present

  • The Pivotal Role of DNA in Spiritual Evolution

  • The Healing Power of Laughter

  • The Healing Power of Forgiveness

  • Working with the Angels

  • Mastery Resources: Books and Music that Have Changed my Life

  • Why Do Affirmations Work for Some Folks but not for me?

  • Do YOU Make Good or Bad Choices?

  • Moving into the Heart Paradigm

  • The Healing Power of Prayer

  • Spiritual Congruency - Being Authentic and True to Yourself

  • How Well do YOU do in Seizing the Day

  • Pitfalls on the Path to Oz: Discernment

  • Pitfalls on the Path to Oz: Spiritual Ego

  • Pitfalls on the Path to Oz: Preoccupation with Past Lives

  • Pitfalls on the Path to Oz: Giving Your Power Away to Psychics, Channels and Teachers

  • Pitfalls on the Path to Oz: Trying to Save and/or Rescue Others

  • Discernment and the Internet

  • Honoring the Free Will Choices of Others

  • Manifesting is a Lot Like Gardening

  • Do YOU Honor Your Time and Energy

  • Responding Versus Reacting to Things

  • Honoring Your Internal Guidance

  • Viewing Your Life from a Place of Mastery

  • Tapping into the Power of Clarity

  • Why do Spiritual Folks and Healers Struggle so Much with Money?

  • What is YOUR Relationship with Money Like?

  • Blasting Through the Most Common Money Blocks

  • Healing YOUR Relationship with Money, Parts I and II

  • AET/UCP Empowered Affirmations for Abundance, Parts I and II

  • What is the Hoopla Around the Law of Attraction All About and Why Should I Care?

  • The I-F-F-C-A-A Approach to Working with the Law of Attraction

  • How to Live Happily Ever After in the World of Infinite Potential

  • Traversing Through the Dark Night of the Soul. 

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Practitioner Training

Bill Austin has been training spiritual healers and attending Reiki Masters for several years. He currently offers five training programs for healers seeking to expand their expertise.