My Approach To Healing

I have studied, learned, assimilated and incorporated many different energy healing modalities and read hundreds of books on healing, spiritual growth, psychology, etc. I also have worked with numerous energy healers who work with many different types of modalities.

I attract clients who are on intense paths to mastery. My soul purpose in this lifetime is to heal healers and to teach teachers. Almost all of my clients are healers or teachers who are trying to get as clear as possible so that they can help others and the planet.

My work mainly is to help people to raise their vibration so that when the planet ascends that they will as well. My passions in life are personal/spiritual growth, healing Mother Earth and the distant energy healing work I offer to others.

I am constantly tinkering with my menu of sessions, upgrading them, adding new ones, taking out ones that no longer resonate, etc. The most important spiritual practice I do is to consciously align with GOD throughout the day and to live from that place of purity and integrity.

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Practitioner Training

Bill Austin has been training spiritual healers and attending Reiki Masters for several years. He currently offers five training programs for healers seeking to expand their expertise.